A Week of Things

Monday was incredibly stressful at work when we discovered that the app we were about to roll out had been approved by Apple but still had some bugs. I never want to go through that again.

Tuesday involved some more bug squashing but the highlight of the day was going to Rapid to see Trevor Walz. He’s an old friend who moved away to Minnesota. We had Dinner with a few friends at BWW’s. Good Times.

Wednesday is my day off. This week I resolved to do as little as possible. It was pretty great.

Yesterday I left work a little early and went and played poker with Trevor, his wife Jenn, Troy, and his friend Jason. AND I WON! It’s been a while since we played together but somehow I was victorious. I’m the guy who usually can’t follow along with the game but I kept it together.

Today was a good end to the week. We got the app fixes approved by Apple and it is in the stores! (Updates later on that when the app is officially live.) And we got an Amazon package today which is always a little like Christmas. Just a few candles, a kitchen thing, and a TARDIS case for Heather’s phone. She’s getting used to it not being in a huge OtterBox now.

All around a good week. I’ll post again soon, Internet pals!